There are so many parts of who I am and who I’ve become that I really don’t like. This is the motivation behind my New Year’s resolution.

There are far too many times that I think back on something I just did and say to myself “Well, that was stupid of you.” Other times, it takes something bigger for me to realize mistakes I’ve made or things I’ve done badly. Either way, I don’t like knowing that I’ve done something regrettable. I don’t like knowing that I’ve done (and still do) things that aren’t indicative of the fact that I am a Christian…and that I strive to live a good Christian life.

I think part of the problem is that I lack the motivation to change myself. I don’t care enough to change the things that I don’t like. But those facts are no longer true. I have the motivation this time. I will make myself better. I will start leading a better, more mature, more admirable Christian life.

So, Self, file these experiences away for future reference. Always remember them, but never repeat them.

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