Heck Yeah!


I’m realizing that at the beginning of every semester, I have such a positive attitude. I always tell myself that I’m going to do all the readings and I’m going to be so prepared and I’m going to study more….blah blah blah. Then the three-week mark hits, and I haven’t done the readings since the first week, I’ve put off studying/writing papers, I wait until the last minute to do everything…. I did it senior year and I did it last semester, and I can already see myself doing it this semester. But I really want to keep the positive attitude. I really want to do all the readings and be prepared ahead of time. I think I might actually be a good student this semester. See where it gets me.

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  1. I am very irrationally excited about this semester! Maybe b/c I’m in classes now where I see how it will help me in the therapy I’m actually doing.

    We’ll have to help each other stay on task.

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