Three sizes do not fit most


I know I’m not the first person to wonder this, nor will I be the last, but apparently I feel it necessary to post about my thoughts.

 Women do not come in sizes “short/petite,” “regular,” and “long/tall.” My inseam is not “short.” I do not hold a tape measure up to my legs and read “short.” I read a number. In inches. I’m no tailor, but I’m pretty sure the process for measuring a woman’s inseam is the same as measuring a man’s. So, why do men get the benefit of a number when buying pants, but we only get three ambiguous words from which to choose?

 It all boils down to this: If I’m going to spend upwards of $50 on a pair of pants (especially dress pants), I should NOT have to then spend extra time and/or money hemming them so they fit me properly.

And don’t even get me started on how waist sizes make no sense, either.

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  1. A hearty “hear hear!” from me.

    . . .I thought you resolved this new year not to complain 😉
    We’ll file this one under calling for a change in the system. . .or fashion reform. . .or something like that, because it’s totally true.

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