Today started like any gloomy, rainy, foggy Monday would. I overslept, didn’t make coffee or eat breakfast before I left, the bus was over-crowded and people were just being obnoxious in general. I was grumpy. (Hey, the Grump Dump didn’t earn that name for nothing.)

Then I turned the corner and saw Dan, who gave me a big smile and a hug and listened to my grumpiness. I couldn’t help but smile as I walked down the street…even as I almost stepped in a pile of sick outside of Kam’s (I can’t help but keep my eyes firmly fixed on the sidewalk while walking down Daniel St.). I bought some coffee, ate an apple for breakfast, and was in a pretty decent mood. Then when Elena came into the lab, she and I had a nice chat about school-related things (and some not-so-school-related things) and came to find out we had a mutual friend (and a pretty awesome one at that). Then Jamie came into the lab and commented on the weather by saying “The Dementors must be breeding.” I chuckled…it’s so true. So we sat and talked about Harry Potter and the Church’s stance on a lot of popular fiction that’s out right now (The Golden Compass, etc.). And then she mentioned that when she was here for undergrad, she was really involved at the Newman Center and had gone on NFK 38. THIRTY-EIGHT! How cool! And then she was the LD for NFK 49. Wow. How often are we told “The community is huge! There are so many people out there.” But, when you think about the community, and the “old” members, you really think of like…Sr. J and Brenner, who’ve been around for a long time, and are still around. But, then you meet someone like Jamie, you work with her for a year and one day find out she was on NFK 38, all of her closest friends were involved with Koinonia…. It was just such an unexpected day. I’m so glad it was.

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