I did it…


…and I’m going to stick with it. For Lent. And even after that.

I really do love Lent. I never used to (before I got involved with Newman). I always resented having to give something up. But I enjoy it now. If Jesus can sacrifice his life for us, I can surely sacrifice some small part of mine for him. Plus, it’s nice to be able to be so disciplined, at least for 40 days. And this year, I think I’ll actually be able to continue with my promises after Lent is over (as opposed to other years when I failed miserably at that task). In order to make my Lenten promise possible, however, I require the addresses of the following people: Nikki Harris, Lisa Triezenberg, and Erica Manley. So, if those three people read this blog, or if someone reading this blog knows addresses for these people, please email them to me ASAP. Thank you.

 And one more thing before I sign off and do some homework, I have a response to Katharine’s post about “No Problem” being used instead of “You’re Welcome.” I know that the post is over a month old, but I do think about it every time someone says “Thank you” to me. So here’s my response,

I think that even the phrase “Thank you” has become automatic. Someone holds a door open for you so you say “thanks,” to which they usually reply “no problem,” or even “uh huh, sure.” It’s just what you do. It’s not that you’re not grateful for them holding the door open for you, it’s just that “thank you” has become such a rote phrase that it almost comes out without you thinking about it. So I think that when someone really expresses their gratitude (“Thank you so much for driving, Carly”–even more sincere with the use of the driver’s name…the use of names when talking to someone is a completely different post), maybe we’re taken a bit off guard. We’re actually required to think of the proper reply as opposed to the automatic “No problem.” Or maybe I’m the only one that thinks of it this way.

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