Violet, you’re turning violet!


Just want to throw this out there quickly…the blueberries that I bought at Meijer this weekend are incredible. Normally, blueberries are really bland (when they’re not cooked in pies or pancakes, anyway), and so I was skeptical when I put them on my cereal yesterday morning. But they’re soooo good. I want to eat the entire container.

 On a non-blueberry-related note, I think I’m turning into a stalker. Okay, not really. But there’s this little girl that rides the same bus as I do on Tuesday and Thursday mornings (at 8:10) and I can’t help but wonder where she’s going and to whom she belongs. She’s adorable. Proabably around 7 years old, and she wears pink shoes, pink snowpants, a pink coat, and has a pink backpack and bright red hair. SO CUTE. So anyway, what’s a 7-year-old doing riding a bus? Where’s she going…doesn’t school start at 8:00? And where are her caregivers? There’s usually a middle-aged bearded man (who reminds me of Paul Giamatti…except not creepy) sitting next to her that could be her father, but I’ve never really seen him give her any attention. Maybe she’s somehow related to the bus driver? I don’t know, but if I were her mother, I would certainly not let her ride the bus unattended with all the college students and crazy people that take that bus. Just sayin’.

 On a non-blueberry-, non-stalker-related note, Paul has a job interview! In the Quad Cities! Next Tuesday at 10:30. Send up some prayers for him! And send some up for me at the same time, I have a midterm.

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  1. my elementary school started at 8:30. maybe she goes to one of those crazy, late-starting schools. we can only hope.

    anyway, the vegetable pancakes recipe I got here:
    and if you browse for recipes with the main ingredient vegetables it’ll come up. and for the spinach hummus I didn’t actually use a recipe, as for hummus usually I just throw whatever I want into a blender and it comes out tasty. but I used 1 can garbanzo beans (drained), 1 pint thawed frozen spinach, 1 clove of garlic (though you can add more, I had a particularly pungent head of garlic this time so was cautious), a bunch of tahini, like a fourth of a cup, a couple tablespoons of lemon juice and a couple tablespoons of olive oil. I didn’t really measure, but I think it was around that amount, if it needs more you can always add more. and salt to taste. save the liquid from the beans, and if the blender is unhappy add just enough liquid back in so that it runs smoothly without having to shake it or poke it with a spoon. for this one, the frozen spinach added enough liquid for me, but that’s really blender-specific.

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