I dropped out and joined a band instead.


I feel like I’m becoming less intelligent every day. Honestly. This is a legitimate fear I have. It’s not for lack of organization or lack of studying. It’s not that I’m not trying. I just feel less and less intelligent every day. My brain has stopped processing simple information. I have to read the caption of a graph two or three times to understand that it’s showing the recovery rates of patients with different aphasic syndromes. I have trouble remembering the vowels and consonants in the English language. I fear that I can no longer write an academic paper.

How is it possible that, with all this extra education, I have gotten stupider? I used to be smart. S-M-R-T.

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  1. Don’t worry. There is always the army, Ben.

    But, in all seriousness, I am sorry to hear of your struggles. Can we blame the weather?

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