Boosting the ol’ self esteem


What an odd day.

On my way into lab, I struck up a conversation with one of my previous professors, just to check in with him, see how he was doing, etc. Then, he asked if I’d be willing to help him proctor an exam. So, I said I’d be happy to help him out.

 Before heading to his class, I checked in with Dr. DeThorne to thank her for showing concern for me a couple of weeks ago. She told me that she thought I was doing a good job and that she didn’t think there really was any cause for concern. She told me I was intelligent and that there was no reason for me to think that I was doing badly. I almost cried. That comment coming from someone of such a high status made me feel really good…like maybe I don’t have to worry and stress so much over my performance.

Then, just now, I think I got hit on while riding the bus home. The guy across the aisle from me struck up a conversation out of nowhere (about Illini Women’s Basketball of all things). And really, he had to have wanted to talk to me, because I was wearing headphones and reading the paper. I must just look approachable today. 🙂

 Now, I’m off to Thomasboro to work on IEPs. Woot. Hopefully that won’t bring me down.

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