Grandpa’s funeral was last Monday. As Fr. Schaab said during the service, “St. Patcrick’s Day…an appropriate day for a funeral for a man named Sullivan.” The funeral was very nice. A lot of people came, including several of grandpa’s friends from Friendship Manor (the assisted living facility where he lived). The burial was nice as well. It was at the Arsenal. It was a military service–21-gun salute, Taps, and the presentation of the flag. It was touching, and I really only cried while Taps was being played, and that was mostly because it was hard to see my brother so sad.

I think the most touching moment surrounding Grandpa’s death and funeral was the card we received from his friend, Don. Grandpa and Don had been close friends ever since they were little boys. Don just recently moved in to Friendship Manor, and it was nice for the two of them to be there together. The card that Don sent had a nice note with a few childhood memories with Grandpa, and he signed it “An old friend.” And on the check he sent for a memorial donation, the “Memo” line read “For: My Friend.”

I’m still waiting for the full force of Grandpa’s death to hit me. It’s been a gradual acceptance process, which in the end may be better for me. In any case, I really appreciate the love, prayers, and kind words I’ve received from everyone. It’s been a hard week and a half, but knowing you’re all praying for us has helped immensely. So, thank you.

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