Charm City


Two years ago, I took a trip to Baltimore, MD, for a service trip with a group from U of I. I spent a week there, volunteering at various soup kitchens and outreach centers. I loved that city. And even though I only spent a week there, I’ve always felt like Baltimore is a second home. I’ve always felt the call to return there someday. And I always feel a connection to people who mention Baltimore as a former place of residence.

 So when Katharine recommended I read the book, “Letters to a Young Catholic” by George Weigel, to spark some fire in my faith, I decided to look into it. I searched for it on Amazon and checked out the Sneak Peek. The first and thirteenth chapters were about Baltimore. And the author described Baltimore as “one of the most Catholic cities in the country.” I’m buying this book.

And what’s more, I think just reading that one sentence helped me realize why I’ve always felt a pull to Baltimore. Because that’s where my faith first started growing (outside of NFK). While there, I was around people who had so much faith despite everything they had gone through (drug addictions, poverty) and I think it was a strength-building trip. I think I get it now.

 So thanks for the book recommendation, Katharine. Little did you know it’d have this much of an impact before I’d even read it. 😉

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  1. OSuper. Just wait until he starts talking about Rome. Killer.
    I’m so excited to have you read it along with me.

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