Never thought I’d be judged based on my coffee order…


I had a little bit of a longer break than usual between my morning classes today, so I decided to run across the street and get a coffee. A medium, skim, sugar-free vanilla capp. The usual (except for the SF vanilla…I don’t usually get a flavor, but I decided I’d splurge a little bit today). My barista asked if I had said “skim,” and I said, “Yes, and I said SF vanilla, right?” (because I couldn’t remember if I had). He assured me I had and then, as I was turning away to wait for my drink, I heard him mutter just barely under his breath “Someone’s on a diet.”

Um…. Whether I am or not, it’s not my barista’s business nor is it my barista’s place to mumble that while making my drink, especially in that sort of derisive tone of voice.

And it’s not a diet. It’s a lifestyle change, dammit.

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