Always something…


Tuesday night, the internet went out in our apartment (building). As of Thursday night, Lynn and I were the only ones to still not have access in the building. Friday night, I managed to get it up and running again.

Today, I discovered that my phone won’t call out, nor will it receive calls. Instead, when I try to call out, it welcomes me to American Roaming Network and informs me that my phone is not registered in the area and that I can only make collect or credit card calls now. Awesome.

And I feel like such a brat saying this (because, yes, my parents still pay for my cell phone), but I think my parents either didn’t pay the cell phone bill or they didn’t renew the contract or something. And now my phone is broken. And it’s not like I can call them and tell them. Because my phone won’t let me. *sigh* I hate not being connected.

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