I’m posing a question to all the Adorunrunners who frequent my blog.

I’ve been running more lately, working up to running a 5k in a month. Training was going really well at first. And then, all of a sudden last week, I started getting really bad stitches in my side. Unbearable. I haven’t gotten those in so long, and they all of a sudden started. Now I can barely make it 7 minutes running without having to stop from the pain. Any suggestions for avoiding them/getting rid of them? I’ve tried different stretches, drinking less water before the run, slowing my pace, focusing on my breathing more. Nothing has worked so far. I look forward to any suggestions you have to offer. Thanks much, and I’m excited for season 2. 🙂

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  1. I went through something similar on my side and on my foot. Two things I’ve done: 1. if it’s not bad, run it out. Most time it will subside. Otherwise, run until you MUST stop. 2. Take a week off.

    I would always stretch the tendon on my bottom of my foot, thus causing me to limp when walking. With that, I would stretch the tendon and start slow until it’s loose then kick it later. With my side, I would stretch and push on until it pretty much paralyzes me. Then I walk, until it subside (but I still know it’s there) and then start running again until it hurts too much. I would repeat this and usually by the 3rd or 4th time, the pain is numb and I can finish running.

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  3. I do, actually, have some advice. Though it may be not be worth anything if you’re succeeding without it.

    1) Be sure you’re running with relaxed arms. NOT up to your chest. Like, keep them in line with your waist and be sure to give them a good dangle and shake every once and a while to keep the blood flowing.

    2) When things get bad breathe out. Like push ALL the air out. Practice doing it while at rest (ie, now) to get a feel for what it means to get rid of ALL the air in your lungs. Push until you simply cannot push any more and then breathe in–try not to gasp (although, it does seem to happen) and once you get another good breath repeate. Try this 3-4 times.

    3) Stretch. Arm extended over the head and leaning to one side. Open up that rib cage and tell that stitch who is boss. I also press on the area sometimes, though i haven’t the slightest idea if this is scientifically sound.

    4) Breath in long, steady breaths. I use Mary as my Morning Star. For each phrase of my rosary– “Hail Mary, Full of Grace,” “The Lord is with thee” — I breathe in or out. The phrases become my rhythm and pacing.

    Remember to keep a “conversational pace” while you run. Not that you would want to gab the whole way through, but if you feel like you couldn’t utter a few sentences now and then without killing yourself you’re going too fast or your breathing is too shallow.

    And finally, it is okay to be frustrated. I understand when you can’t help but think, “come on…I’ve been running for a number of weeks now. Why is this suddenly happening?” Don’t think you’re crazy. But also don’t give up. Rock it–because you totally can. 🙂

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