I’m testing out a new format. Leave opinions if you would. Just kind of thought it was time for something new.

Spent the weekend with Paul. We did fun couple-y things in the city on Saturday to celebrate our anniversary (2 years…wow). Went to 17 West at the Berghoff, saw Wicked, etc. We also went to the Sears Tower (I’d never been before) and tried to see his house, Pham’s apartment, and the general locations of Erica’s and Katharine’s apartments.

I think maybe I’ve kind of figured out some little bits and pieces of my life, and where I’m at right now, and it’s put me a little more at peace with my current situation. More to come on this later. But considering it’s 1:15 and I have to work tomorrow, I’m going to let you wait in anticipation for clarification.

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  1. Did you enjoy Wicked?
    Happy 2 year! Sounds like you got to celebrate it in a fun way (my–German–family loves Berghoff).

  2. I like how when you were seeing the sights in chicago it mostly included driving past your friends’ apartments.

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