I should probably do something about that…


I hate calling places. Really hate it. I hate calling for take-out/delivery, I hate calling to make appointments/reservations, I hate calling to schedule clients. Ugh. It just makes me really anxious. My stomach gets all tied up in knots, my voice takes on an unnatural quality, and I never know what to say. I rehearse what I’ll say to the person on the other end, but what if it doesn’t go the way I rehearsed it? What if they answer the phone differently than I expect them to? What if they ask me a question I wasn’t prepared to answer? What if I can’t understand the person on the other end (this is particularly problematic when ordering ethnic food)? What if I dialed the wrong number? What if I’m calling when the person is busy? There are SO many ways for things to go wrong.

I should really get over this. It’s going to be next to impossible for me to plan a wedding with this kind of irrational fear always eating away at me, sitting in the back of my mind.

I had 3 phone calls to make this week. I successfully completed one yesterday. I did another just now. All that’s left is to call the Rectory at my home parish and try to schedule an appointment with Fr. Greg. But what if he’s not there (which I don’t think he is)? Do we even have a secretary at St. Mary’s (I don’t think we do). He’s not going to know who I am…how do I tell him who I am? What if I have the wrong number to call and I end up disturbing someone? What if I’m too awkward? AGH. I have the number typed into my phone…I just have to hit the “send” button…but I can’t do it!

Holy crap, I’m neurotic.

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  1. Me too. Campusfood.com is such a blessing.

    Making calls from the clinic is so incredibly painful. Um, well, I’ve done it once. But I don’t see myself getting over how uncomfortable it makes me feel anytime soon.

  2. Yeah I feel you. I’ve had lots of practice calling to cancel comcast (I hate convincing people I don’t need what they’re trying to sell), purchase AT&T, activate a credit card, get a pin # changed on another credit card. . .

    Now to start calling venues. Oi.

    I think it helps me to know lots of people hate it. Hope the calling goes well!

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