It’s all so real now….


Paul and I set a date this weekend. It’s 14 months away, but it feels so real now that there’s a day. I actually have to do things now. I can’t just sit around and twiddle my thumbs and dream about wedding stuff…I actually have to plan things and make decisions. Scary. I know I have over a year to make these decisions, but I know myself…if I don’t do things early, I’m going to end up waiting until the last minute. So I need to get started now.

And in a month, I have an appointment to look at wedding dresses. Holy crap that’s scary. I know that I don’t have to buy anything that day, but it’s still a little overwhelming to think about. My mom, my aunt, and maybe (hopefully) my cousin will all be there and I think maybe I’m more excited to spend time with them than I am to try on dresses.

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