The plot thickens…


Last winter, I made a post about a little girl who rode the same bus that I did in the mornings. She was always dressed head-to-toe in pink and was usually accompanied by Paul-Giamatti-look-alike-man, yet he never spoke to her and got off the bus before she did without really acknowledging her. Anyway, on Monday, the little girl and Paul-Giamatti-look-alike-man were back, but this time there was ANOTHER little girl, dressed head-to-toe in pink, sitting next to PGLAM and talking with him. PGLAM didn’t get off the bus at his usual stop, but continued to ride with the two little girls. Perhaps it was the new girl’s first day of school? Muy interesante.

Erica: Check out this site that a friend of mine recommended for wedding flowers. It looks a little sketchy, but my friend got her flowers from the site for her wedding and was very pleased with them. Let me know what you think about pricing, etc. It really doesn’t look bad, but I can see myself spending more than maybe I would elsewhere just because I don’t know how much I’ll need for things. I don’t know. Let me know what you think.

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  1. Sooo.. you’d be preparing your own floral designs from this website, is that what I’m gathering? It seems reasonable, but I’m concerned about the variety that they offer. It looked like the same material year-round… Hmm. I’ll keep searching to help you out 🙂 I might have news for you soon that should help even more… (suspense!)

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