I really like walking by playgrounds and hearing little kids screaming and laughing while they play. It makes me think of fall, and it makes me smile. But then I think, “Uh oh. There are some future voice clients.”

Is it weird that my contact person at my reception site works Tuesday-Saturday, but for the past several weeks, she’s had “Out of Office” messages on her voicemail/e-mail that say she’ll be out of office from Tuesday-Thursday? Seriously…when does she work?

Last night (this morning…it was 1am) while lying awake in bed waiting for my brain to turn off, I asked God if he would please just let my brain slow down so that I could sleep, even if it was only for 5 hours. All other thoughts left me as I immediately started thinking about breakfast (waffles and pancakes, to be specific). I fell asleep very shortly after that. Man I love breakfast. And apparently it relaxes me?

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