Just keep swimming


That’s my motto for this semester. Seriously.

I honestly didn’t think I could do it…but I did it! My clinic to-do list is EMPTY. EMPTY!!!! Tonight alone (between 8 and now) I wrote 3 SOAP notes, 2.5 lesson plans, 1 treatment plan, and 1 set of goals, as well as emailing paperwork to 1 supervisor and organinzing binders for 2 other supervisors. Holy crap. I can’t believe I finished it all. And on top of that, I finished my portion of the Quant assignment and sent it out to my group. All that’s left on my to-do list now is to catch up on my School Age Language syntax handbook and study for the motor speech quiz that’s on Monday. Oh man that feels good.

In related news, I think I’m developing a nice hump on my back from all the stress. I’m serious (kind of). My shoulders and neck muscles are so tight they feel like bone. I need a massage more than anything right now.

In unrelated news, I get to go home this weekend. I’m beyond excited. I just wish that I could sleep in. But I’m getting up early for good reasons. Saturday, Paul and I are signing the contract for our wedding reception and then Mom, Amelia and I are going shopping for wedding dresses! I wish I were more excited about the actual trying-on of the dresses, but I’m just not. Saturday evening, Paul and I are meeting with Fr. Greg after mass to take the Focus test. Yay marriage prep. Then it’s date night. We haven’t been on a date in ages. It should be good times.

Sunday I was supposed to run a half marathon with Kelly. But, training didn’t go as planned, and I was starting to experience some mild-moderate knee pain. So, Paul and I are doing the 5k while Kelly runs the half marathon. I’m so proud of him. : )

Aaaahhhhh it feels so go to be done with things, I can’t even describe it. But my butt hurts from sitting in my desk chair all night.

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  1. I’m very impressed with your productivity 🙂

    …The Syntax workbook is annoying.
    …I hope you get to take pictures of your dresses.
    …Have a great weekend at home!

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