Hey Hermano


I love it when my phone rings at 3:00pm on a Monday afternoon. I’m usually pretty certain that it’s Kelly, calling for no real reason. Today’s conversation involved a Family Guy reference, and an invitation to run a half-marathon. 

I was just thinking about Kelly yesterday. The Great Pumpkin always brings back memories from when we were little. In our old house, Kelly’s room was directly across from mine, so that I could see into his room while laying in my bed. There were nights when we’d get a case of the giggles, and we’d sit up talking about random silly things. “Hey, Kelly…do you believe in Santa Claus?” “Yes. Hey, Carly, do you believe in the Great Pumpkin?” “Yes. Do you believe in the Easter Bunny?” “Sure! What about…the…Thanksgiving Turkey?” “Yeah. Do you believe in…um…the…Valentine’s Day Heart?”

I like knowing that we still have those random stupid conversations…. See my facebook wall from the past few days, where Kelly and I discussed (quite seriously…) plans for my wedding, including jack-o-lantern vests for the groomsman, and a wedding cake made out of leftover Halloween/parade candy.

The Sullivans are awesome. You know we are. Wanna run a half marathon with us on April 11?

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