The Name Game


I was thinking about it this morning, and if I were to give a title to this past semester, a few options would be:

The Semester I Stopped Eating Breakfast at Home

The Semester I Became an Angry Person

Caffeine: It’s What’s for Dinner (and Breakfast and Lunch)

My Life as a Hermit

Can’t Talk Now…Too Busy

Can’t Sleep…Clinic’ll Eat Me

I Promise I Used to be Social

Oh Right, I Take Classes, Too, Don’t I?


On a somewhat related note…. While at the clinic today, my clinic director’s eight-year-old daughter told me, “This place is like my second home.” You’re tellin’ me, kid. For serious.

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  1. I especially enjoy the caffeine title 🙂

    Yeah. I’m looking forward to break oh-so-much. You’re almost DONE with clinic!

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