Moving Forward


I’m back in the C-U. I haven’t quite made it back to campus yet, but I’ve decided to continue my vacation for as long as I possibly can.  And so, it’s noon, and I’m sitting in my pajamas, drinking coffee, watching Desperate Housewives, and putting off making important phone calls.

Paul and I had a really productive weekend, in terms of wedding planning.  Saturday morning, we met with our florist and did an initial consultation.  They had a sample calla lily bouquet made up for me.  It was pretty, but I think a little too big for me, and not quite what I had wanted.  Saturday evening, we met with Fr. Greg and went over the results of our Focus test.  Good news– we’re compatible! 🙂  Sunday, there was a bridal expo, so we went to that with my mom and Jamie.  While there, we looked at a stationer for our invites, save-the-dates, etc.  We also booked our baker (mmm cake!), took a look at some DJs, and ruled out the trolley idea for post-ceremony transportation.  After the expo, I bought my wedding shoes (that style, but in silver)!  I’m excited about them. 

Yesterday, I took Erica to try on bridesmaid dresses, which went well.  I thought we were all set– everyone had tried on the dresses, and everyone liked/looked fabulous in one in particular– and I was going to send out an e-mail telling everyone to order the dress.  And then I remembered that Erin hadn’t actually tried on the dress, but she had seen it when Nikki and Amelia did.  Rats.  While I’m sure that Erin will look stunning in it (after all, she IS themostbeautifulgirlintheworrrrld!), I’d rather have her try it on and not order it blindly.  But we’re close!

We’ve got a LOT done so far, but there’s so much left to do.  We’ve really only gotten the big things done– booking the necessary venues and vendors (only transportation, DJ, and stationers remain), and now all the small details and decisions need to be made.  And under 10 months to go.  Eep.  I’m getting nervous about the DJ.  We really need to book them.  I’d like to be able to listen to them before booking, but I don’t think we’re going to have the chance. 

Anywho, I’d better be off.  Maybe finish that job application I started last night.  Ick.

Oh, P.S. Hungry Girl’s Kickin’ Chicken Pot Pie (with turkey in place of chicken) is excellent.

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  1. Transportation? Jeremy’s got a daycare van! Everyone can fit! Hahaha

    I’ve been off of school since Wednesday and will not be back until Tuesday (which is a little weird), so I’ll give David’s a call to see where the dress in my size might be.

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