Frustration Station


Kind of like Conjunction Junction, but without the fun song.

The past couple of nights, I haven’t been able to fall asleep until ~2am.  I lay in bed thinking about all the things in my life that are frustrating me.  Most of them are monetary in nature, but several are also wedding-related.  I find myself getting caught up in those little decisions that really don’t matter to anyone but me (what will people think of my dress? it’s not exactly traditional, so are people going to talk about that? what kind of veil do I want to wear? do I want to wear a veil at all? what would people think if I didn’t wear one? and what about my hair? I so want to avoid ‘bride hair’…. does it matter that my shoes are silver and not white? silver isn’t one of our colors, so will people notice? what will we do with the bridal party’s cars? how will we all get to the ceremony? and how will they get their cars after the reception?), and they’re probably inconsequential, but I’m a planner. Everything has to be just so.  And I have to make everyone happy with every decision I make.  I know that’s impossible, but my brain is taking a while to catch on.

And on top of it all, iTunes won’t open on my computer for some reason, Mozilla won’t let me use Pandora, and Internet Explorer isn’t working. I just wanted to listen to some music!  I think I have a bit of cabin fever.  If I could only decide what to wear today, I would gladly leave the house and run the errands I’ve been meaning to run since Wednesday.  *sigh*

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