How I spent my spring vacation…


…on the couch, sick, with a 101 degree fever. The fever finally broke and my temperature was back to normal this morning. However, I just checked again, and it’s back up to 99 (doesn’t seem that high, but my basal temperature is usually around 97).

You know, I’m pretty sure I’ve been sick every spring break for the past 7 years. That’s impressive. And awful. I think I’m feeling well enough today to go out and get some things accomplished. Then again, I thought that yesterday, and 2 hours after setting out, I was back on the couch feeling like death. 

All I want at times like this is to revert to my 8-year-old self and have Mom and Dad take care of me– make me grilled cheese sandwiches (Dad’s are still the best I’ve ever had), tomato soup, and orange juice. But they’re in Florida, cruising around the Intracoastal Waterway on their friend’s boat. Rats.

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