Oh crap


In keeping with the theme of diagnosing myself with random things, I’ve decided I have dysphagia.  SLPers, you’re gonna love this one.

Case history: Female, 23 years old.  No previous history of swallowing difficulty.  Has no known history of head injuries or neurological insults.  Patient displayed difficulty triggering a swallow while eating a piece of toast at dinner.  She tried other foods (apple, eggs), and swallowed successfully, but continued to have difficulty triggering a swallow when eating toast, and later, other bread products.  Swallows thin liquids (water) easily.  What is your course of action? Diagnosis? 

Personally, I’m thinking the bread part is all psychological…which means eating my sandwich tomorrow should be fun.  But hey, at least then I’ll be around a licensed SLP who is used to doing swallow studies.

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  1. Oh God. Finished my third VFSS report yesterday. And still don’t know what to tell you other than I think hypochondriasis was probably the correct self-diagnosis. 😉

    Or you have messed up base of tongue retraction, of course. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE TONGUE. (Apparently)

  2. Hi! In response to your post on my blog, yes, I think we should have dinner sometime. I know it’s a ways off, but how about Thursday night? Then we could discuss the Praxis IF we felt the need (IF you’re taking it on Saturday) or we could totally NOT talk anything SLP. . . up to you 🙂

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