A while ago, this girl wrote a post about the need to replace her Little Black Shoes. 

“How unfortunate,” I thought, as I read about the gradual wearing-out process of her favorite shoes, the shoes that have been with her for so long. And I thought about my own Little Black Shoes. They’re a little awkward to walk in because of the small rubbery kitten heel, but they’re very comfortable, they don’t make noise as I walk down the quiet school hallways, they’re practical for chasing after preschoolers, they don’t require socks (but can accommodate a pair if necessary), and they’re adorned with a little ribbon and bow–making them a little extra cute. They’ve become a wardrobe staple, especially this year.  

On Friday, as one of my students was attempting to crawl on my lap, his foot slid down my leg and he kicked at my shoe. I looked down later and noticed that the ribbon that ran along the perimeter of the shoe had broken.  I managed to put it back where it belonged, but I know it’s only a temporary fix.  

I started shopping for their replacements this weekend. Target had some very cute black flats, but none in my size. Looks like I’ll have to make do with the broken shoes for now. Either that or I’ll have to wear the crocheted black flats that (as I’ve come to realize recently) make my feet smell really bad.

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