Low Self-Esteem Day


Today was a low self-esteem day. I’m not a fan. *sigh*

Things I learned from the low self-esteem day:

  • Preschoolers aren’t really my thing
  • I’m probably never going to be 100% satisfied with my body/weight
  • I’m probably never going to be 100% satisfied with my appearance in general
  • I don’t take criticism well; no matter how constructive it is, I always let it get me down

I don’t have enough energy for a conclusion. Β Buh bye.

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  1. I sadly had a very similar day. Except had no contact with preschoolers today.

    Don’t get me wrong, I knew losing some weight wouldn’t make me 100% happy, but…I didn’t think I’d still be criticizing myself this much every time I look in the mirror and still hoping for 20 more pounds gone.

    I hope tomorrow looks up. It’s almost the weekend! And maybe middle schoolers will be your thing πŸ™‚ I’ve actually really enjoyed working with the 6th graders at Potomac…can actually read books I like/work on fun words haha.

  2. I like Elena’s comment. A lot of times the things I’m insecure about are actually less about the actual thing, and more about my issues with insecurity. Even if they were “fixed” I’d probably still be insecure. You look great Carly and I know you’ve worked hard to drop some weight. I hope that you can come to enjoy how you look and be secure in yourself no matter what your weight or outer appearance. . . come to think of it, I wish that for me too. :-p

    By any chance, was this around the time you got your midterm grade? Mine really threw me off, even though it wasn’t awful, it wasn’t that great and I took the criticism harshly and felt like making excuses all day.

    Ok, so maybe this is a little personal of a post for a blog. You can decide and delete it if you want πŸ™‚ I’m too lazy to open up Gmail. Hopefully I didn’t offend.

  3. Oops, I didn’t mean personal of a post referring to YOUR post. I was referring to MY comment. Whatever, stupid internet terminology.

    • Haha, I knew what you meant. πŸ™‚ I didn’t take offense, don’t worry. And no, I hadn’t gotten my midterm grade. I never did, actually. I didn’t know we were supposed to. Haha. That particular day, I was just so fed up with my kids, and after one particularly frustrating session, my supervisor said (not at all maliciously, or with bad intentions) “Yeah, I can tell preschool’s not really your thing…” and I just took too much stock in it. Things are going better now, though. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the comment.

  4. yeah my supervisor didn’t know I was supposed to get one either, so I got it at week 6.

    Oh geeze, a comment like that’s kinda crushing when you’re working hard toward doing well. Glad things are going better. I’m off to write some fairly involved reports. The full case study kids are pretty mind boggling. :-p

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