They like me! They really like me!


Just when I had given up hope on my preschoolers ever knowing or caring who I was (because what am I supposed to think when they always ask me where Miss Lesley/Miss Marble went, or when they call me Miss Cathy (my supervisor)?), three of them really came through for me today. 

One of my students, “Ramona,” had a birthday today, so instead of taking kids out of the classroom, we went in for her “birthday party.” Her family came and brought treats, and she was particularly excited to see “Tom,” (stepdad? brother? I have no idea). I was trying to stand out of the way when “Ramona” said to “Tom”: “Tom! Tom! This is Miss Carly! Tom, this is Miss Carly!!!” I laughed, but on the inside, I almost cried. “Ramona” is a bit of a struggle during therapy, and I thought for sure she didn’t like me. But here she was, making sure I met “Tom.” So sweet.

Then, while I was in the classroom/on the plaground, doing some observations with my kids, my trouble-making duo, “James,” and “Andy,” kept asking me to come play with them. They built me several houses out of bristle blocks, invited me to play on the playground equiptment, and kept showing off for me. And Tuesday I had written these two off as a lost cause because they’re sooo rambunctious during our speech sessions. But they kept calling to me to watch them climb the wall, do the monkey bars, etc. Oh, yeah, and on Tuesday, “James” declared that I was his girlfriend (I didn’t  have the heart to tell him I was engaged), but then today on the playground he said that “Kathy,” one of his classmates, was his girlfriend. When I asked him about it, he said we were both his girlfriends. Haha. Clearly he’s too young to commit himself to one woman. 

Today was the first good day I’ve had in about a week. I really needed it. So glad it came today.

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