A Post One Month in the Making


It’s been over a month since I’ve posted. Sorry about that. Hope you haven’t forgotten about me.

Anyway, just wanted to update you all on the wedding stuff. Paul and I got a lot accomplished this weekend. Yesterday we took a look at some wedding bands. I think we’ve found the ones. I still want to see another ring one last time before making the decision, but at least I have it narrowed down to two. While at the jeweler, they re-rhodium plated my ring (free of charge!). It looks better than  new. All of the little scratches are gone, and it’s so shiny! Beauteous.

Today, we bought some favor boxes on sale at Michaels, as well as some ribbon to tie around them. We picked out tuxes/vests for him, the groomsmen, the dads, and the ushers. We found a really pretty antique-y birdcage to use for a card holder at the reception. And, um, I believe I just found the perfect cake topper. Behold:

The Mermice!

The Mermice!

Aren’t they glorious? And so elegant. Surely they’d class up any wedding cake.

Nothing I have to say is going to top that, so I think I’ll leave you to bask in the aquatic glory of the Mermice….

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