The final countdown


Okay, so not really the FINAL count-down. But, I tend to like making lyrical references in my post titles. Shh.

So, countdown. Yeah. I start working (for realz) one month from today. That’s frightening. I got a letter from my school informing me of a workshop for the new IEP program on August 12th. I get paid for it (I think), which would be sweet. I could use some extra money.

Things are happening so fast now. It’s like all of a sudden, there’s no time (there’s never any time!). I have to move, start working, and get married all in the next 3 1/2 months. Yowza. But I’m excited. I can handle it.

Paul and I got a lot of wedding stuff done this weekend. We tasted cake (can I do that some more please?), designed our cake, bought (yes, bought!) our wedding rings, and…well, i guess that’s it. It feels like a lot.

I’m fizzling out. Sorry, there’s no ending to this. Peace out.

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