Ohhh praise God! My temporary license is online now, which means I don’t have to worry about practicing without a license come Tuesday!

Orientation, Day 1, went well today. I’m a bit overwhelmed with insurance stuff, but I think I can figure it out. The people I’ll be working with all seem very nice, and they’ve been very helpful so far. I saw my office. Good parts include the extensive materials and books, the large amount of space, and the computer. The negatives include the fact that the computer is not a laptop, and that I share the office with the school psych (though this isn’t really a negative at all). I started going through some files today. I got through 4…. Haha. I’ll have time tomorrow to go through some more of them. So far I’m not too overwhelmed with what I’ll see (though I’ve never worked with cluttering before…), but there’s still time!

Orientation, Day 2, is tomorrow. Better finish up that insurance paperwork….

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