I’m developing a language and I’m calling it my own


Okay, so maybe not a language, but a new life…sort of.

This post has been in the making for a long time now. But now that I actually sit down to write it, I don’t really know what to say (that always seems to happen). I started work last week. I’ve looked through all of my files, and I made the first version of my schedule. Now I’m just waiting for the teachers to write back with revisions. So far, it hasn’t been too bad. Most people understand my motives for taking kids during their classes, and they’re happy to work with me. I’m anxious to start seeing kids, mostly because I’m tired of sitting in my office staring at the computer. But on the other hand, starting to see kids means that it’s suddenly real. In general, though, I’m really enjoying my job. I really like my co-workers. It’s so obvious that everyone there loves their jobs, and they have so much fun with one another. Everyone has been really welcoming, but I’m really going to have to force myself to break out of my shell and meet people. It’ll be hard, especially since my office is hidden on the 2nd floor (with the health classroom, the fitness room, and the wrestling mat room…so clearly the 2nd floor doesn’t get used much), and it’s always rather tempting to just hide myself up there.

Aside from work, the new apartment is really great. It’s not entirely put together yet, but it’s getting there. Just a few boxes of random things floating around. We have a lot of wildlife around…. There are always geese camped out in front of my building and in the parking lots. They’re completely oblivious to people and cars. I’ve almost run over a couple of them because they just don’t move! For anything! So there’s always goose poop on the sidewalks, which I thought was bad enough, until I encountered a couple of skunks wandering around. But today, just to brighten things up on the nature front, I noticed a family of Blue Jays living in the trees behind my apartment. So pretty.

I’m getting settled into the suburbs, too. I’m finding my way around pretty well, and I haven’t been too overwhelmed by traffic. I’ve found the magical time to leave my apartment in the mornings to minimize my commute (7:16am, according to my car clock). Have yet to find the magical time to leave school in the afternoons, however. I don’t think there is one.

I’ve been wanting to reinvent my style a bit. Thanks to a generous gift card to The Limited from Kelly and Jamie from graduation, I’m on my way there. But not having money is a real bummer otherwise. Especially when people (coughELENAcough) post cute pictures of fashionable clothes, and post links to fashion blogs…. Makes me want to go shopping. And lose weight so that I can actually look good in cute clothes.

I’m really unhappy with my body right now, but I’m so unmotivated to lose weight and work out to actually change how I feel. And the more I dislike my body, the more I tend to eat. Ah, to have self-control. I feel very much like I did before I started WW, and it’s just no fun. Someone give me some motivation.

Okay, I need to go do things instead of sitting in front of the TV all day.

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