Dear Fashionable People,

Did I miss the memo that denim pencil skirts are no longer in style? Because seriously, I couldn’t find them today. And I really want one. Like…really. So if anyone finds a basic denim pencil skirt, preferably a dark wash, please let me know. Thanks.



Dear Pretty Birds Living Behind My Apartment,

Um, sorry you thought my window was open all the way. The screen was, in fact, closed. I hope your little birdy friend wasn’t too badly hurt when he tried to come over for dinner…. I wasn’t aware you guys liked home-made mac ‘n’ cheese. Next time I’ll just set it out on the balcony for you. Sorry!


Your featherless friend

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  1. Just wanted to note that I really want a dark-wash denim pencil skirt, too. I saw some at Gap a couple of months ago, but there was a too-high (for me) back slit. Will keep an eye out!

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