What Fall Means To Me….


When I was little (in early elementary school), fall meant wearing red or navy zip-down hoodies, turtlenecks under my sweatshirts,  and t-strap shoes with skirts and opaque tights. For years, I have missed wearing t-strap shoes. But GASP…they’re back! As are skirts with opaque tights (except probably not the white tights I used to wear…). I desperately want a pair of t-strap shoes, and have tried on this pair at Target in maroon. Too bad they’re horribly uncomfortable.

Wedding response cards have started coming in… 21 cards so far (36 people). Yikes! It’s for real now!

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  1. Ooh cute shoes. Sad for the uncomfortable factor 😦 I’ve been striking out there in terms of fit lately…seem to be in between shoe sizes.

    Yay for the response cards! Just waiting to send mine in until I know for sure about Adam (most likely will just be me)…Ashley and I have had fun planning a road trip to YOUR WEDDING 🙂

    And I also heart Fall.

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