Oh, fall, you’ve finally arrived!


Today was a wonderful (nearly perfect) fall day. I started the morning off with a mug (or 3) of pumpkin spice coffee (courtesy of Oh Nuts!) in my beautiful new coffee mug, accompanied by a bowl of Hungry Girl’s Fancy-schmancy Oatmeal. The weather held out just long enough for me to get a 5k run in (shaving another 30 seconds off my time, and recording my fastest mile yet…thank you Nike+). I’ve got my slow cooker going with a pot of White Chicken Chili for dinner. I bought a new pair of corduroy pants (another thing that fall means to me, along with t-strap shoes). And now, Harry Potter is on. I’m set for the night. 🙂

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  1. I envy your fall day—it’s all rainy/gloomy here. But I still got my pumpkin spice fix, don’t worry. 😉 Congrats on the speedy 5K!

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