Calling the Fashion Police


Okay, need some help here, fashion-savvy people (coughElenacough). I have had a lovely knee-length chocolate brown corduroy skirt hanging in my closet (tags still on it) for over a year now. I haven’t worn it because I have no idea what to pair with it. On bottom, that is. I have some tops that I’m sure would work. But I want to wear tights with it. However, I own gray (heathered and a lovely herringbone print), black (solid, argyle-ish, and floral), a deep solid purple, and argyle print olive green tights, and I don’t know that any of those would go particularly well. In the shoe department, I’m even more lost. Basically, I need some serious help here. I really want to dig that skirt out!

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  1. Once my final is over I will enthusiastically try to help! And I’m already jealous…I don’t have any cord skirts and have wanted some for some time. Initial impressions: deep solid purple or argyle print green tights. I think boots or booties heeled or not would be fun! Or go crazy and do black tights and black boots…the black/brown feud seems to be over in some ways (as long as it’s not like my dad….wearing brown belts/shoes with black pants). More soon but dig that skirt out!!! I think you own boots, but on the affordable front Target’s “Kady” boot seems to be very well-liked right now.


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