Hey, folks, let’s take off the angry pants….


Tis the season to be jolly. Falalalala, la load of crap.

Yesterday, I was driving out of the Kohl’s parking lot at a whopping 15mph, when a couple at least 100 feet ahead of me began to cross the road to Chipotle. Given my speed, and their distance from me, I knew that there was no way I was going to come near hitting them. And so I didn’t begin to tap my breaks until, oh, maybe 20 feet from them, when they were about 2 steps away from safely crossing the parking lot. But did this stop the woman (who had made it safely to the sidewalk already) from stepping in front of my car to glare at me and shout at me to SLOW DOWN!? No, it did not. Okay lady. Go put a burrito in that mouth of yours. I’d like to add, too, that the man who was with her kept his head down and did not once look up during this incident.

Then, today I was spoken to as if I was the worst person in the world. And it came from a complete stranger. And actually, I should say that she spoke so badly of me (oh yeah, and my parents) in front of my face, but as if I wasn’t there. She was saying these things to my husband and to my mother-in-law. My crime? Saying I’d let a cat go outside. There’s so much more to that story, but I’m still burning up about it, and don’t care to go into the details. Just needed to get that bit off my chest.

I’m so happy to be on break right now. I need a day or two to recuperate from all the anger and hostility of this weekend.

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