2009: A year in review


I wish I was really able to recall all the important aspects of 2009, but to be honest, I’m pretty bad at that sort of thing. So, here’s what I can remember, in no particular order:

1. I finished my education career, graduating with my M.A. in Speech-Language Pathology

2. I gained employment at a middle school in the suburbs (before even graduating, I might add!)

3. I moved from the safety (read: familiarity) of the Quad Cities to the Chicago suburbs.

4. I lived on my own (truly on my own) for the first time ever (for a whopping 3 months…)

5. I maintained (+/- 5 pounds) my 30 pound weight loss for a full year.

Hmm….. Yep. I think that’s all of the major changes from this year…. Can’t think of anything else…. 😉

Oh yeah…

I got married. 🙂

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