Thankful Thursday #1


Last post of 2009. And I know that the new blog themes were supposed to start in 2010, but I’m getting a headstart. And really, what better way to cap off 2009, than by looking back at the things for which I am thankful. So, here goes. To keep it brief, a Top 10 List of things for which I am Thankful (in no particular order):

1. A loving family (2 loving families, actually, now that I have the in-laws)

2. Wonderful friends

3. A husband who loves me, and whom I love very much

4. A job and an income

5. A home, albeit a small one, it is still a home

6. Food on my table

7. My good (most of the time) health

8. The good health of my friends and family

9. My faith–however often it may wane–which keeps me going

10. The ability to read, write, think, create, speak, listen, walk, run, jump, rejoice, sing, and DO anything

Happy New Year, friends. Please be safe. And please look back on all those things for which you can give thanks.

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