Fashion Forward Friday: Challenge


I challenged myself this week. It was kind of a silly challenge, but in the end, I guess I’m glad I did it…if only because I dug out some older pieces of my wardrobe, and wore a couple new pieces as well.

Back Story: Lately, at work, I’ve been noticing that almost every day, I wear black and/or purple. I would say 4/5 workdays, easily. And, because I’m crazy, I feel like people must wonder why I wear so much black and purple. So, last Friday, I decided that this week, I wouldn’t wear a stitch of either color all week, including shoes. I did end up making the exception for socks, but only because I don’t have many dress socks without purple on them, apparently.

Challenge Results: (I didn’t take pictures of outfits. I thought about it Monday, because I really liked what I wore, but I decided I didn’t want to take a picture Monday, in the hopes that I’d find something even more fabulous later in the week. Wrong.) The week started out well. I felt good about Monday’s outfit. I had on tannish-gray corduroy trousers (Old Navy), a navy blue shirt with ribbon and button detail (this one from Gap, but in navy), and a gray short sleeved cardigan (Ann Taylor Loft), with a pair of distressed-brown booties (these, from Madden Girl, but a darker brown). It was all downhill from there. Most outfits aren’t even worth mentioning. I did end up wearing a couple of new items, though, including the blue and silver striped cardigan Paul’s sister gave me for Christmas (this one from American Eagle, but in light blue), the gray keyhole sweater from last week’s post (New York & Company), and a pair of trouser jeans (Old Navy) that I’ve had since probably August and never wore because they were too long and I was too lazy to hem them.

Closing thoughts: Honestly, I felt pretty frumpy all week. This might be unfair, as I probably would have felt frumpy with or without the use of black and purple (yaaaay negative self images!). But either way, I miss my black and purple. I miss my black heels, my black and gray pants, my black trousers, and my purple camis. But, hey, I succeeded and completed my challenge. And that’s worth something, right?

Maybe next week I’ll actually post some pictures….

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  1. Looking forward to pictures! I think challenges are always good, but I know what you mean…I don’t think I could give up certain colors (yep, purple) or cuts (I need my bootcut jeans, pencil & A-line skirts), but taking ’em away for a bit could lead to new, interesting things! Love the sound of your Monday outfit.

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