SSS: hors d’oeuvres


We went to Paul’s grandparents’ house tonight, to celebrate his uncle’s birthday. I volunteered to bring some appetizers/snacks. So, along with my tub-o-vegetables, and the standard shrimp cocktail, I decided to make Hungry Girl’s Bacon-Bundled BBQ Shrimp. They were quite tasty. Paul’s family ate them up, none of them suspecting that they were made with turkey bacon and a “fake” bbq sauce. Paul’s mom was the only one who asked me about it, and even then it was only because she knows I don’t eat pork, and wondered why I made something I couldn’t eat. This turkey-for-bacon swap became especially funny, when, later in the evening, his uncles and his grandparents went on a big rant about how wrong turkey bacon is, and how disgusting it is. I wanted to badly to say “BUT YOU JUST ATE IT! AND YOU LOVED IT,” but I kept my mouth shut. Guess what they don’t know won’t hurt them. 🙂

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