Thankful Thursday: Co-workers


Happy Thursday. This week, during quarterly report card/progress report time, I’m extremely thankful for SpEd case managers who offer to compile students’ SpEd and speech goals, sending them home together. This is immensely helpful, because it means I do not have to track down my 30 students’ advisors and make sure they send home progress notes with report cards. No, it wasn’t too difficult first quarter, but my goodness–this is so much easier!

I’m also thankful for the giant box of VitaTops that arrived in the mail yesterday. Ohhh sweet chocolaty 1-point goodness!

Things I am NOT thankful for, however, include the super drafty window in the living room, and the current temperature of 3 degrees, which does not help the drafty window whatsoever. I can only hope that we do not have to endure another winter in this apartment. No, it’s not terrible, but the windows make it oh-so-much worse.

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