Paul and I were planning on going shopping this afternoon. He needed new work pants like nobody’s business, and I just need clothes that don’t make me feel fat and/or frumpy. Then, this evening, his parents were going to come over for dinner, after which we were going to kick their butts at Wii tennis. They forgot that they had bowling tonight though, and so they had to cancel. Paul’s mom, however, offered to take us shopping this afternoon and buy us things for our Valentine’s Day presents. Um, yes please!

We started out at Kohl’s. Paul got 2 new pairs of dress pants. I generally don’t have good luck at Kohl’s. I like their Simply Vera line, but my sizes are usually gone, and the things I like the most are usually not on sale (or I should say not on sale enough, as you very rarely pay full price for anything at Kohl’s). So, I ended up with a simple gray open-front cardigan by Elle (couldn’t find it online, otherwise I’d post a picture).

We continued onward to Woodfield, where I found some great stuff in the Limited clearance section: this shirt, in grey, possibly this pencil skirt (I can’t quite tell if it’s the right one…but either way, I got a pin-striped pencil skirt), and this belt, which I’m very excited to wear…possibly with the new cardigan.

Paul’s mom wanted to go to Anthropologie…and knowing fully well that it could only lead to lusting after things I cannot afford, I agreed. And as soon as we walked in the store, I fell in love with this cardigan. Ohhh it’s just so beautiful. So, after fawning over it for a while, Paul finally made me an offer. He would buy me the sweater as a reward for working out (no, not just once…we came up with a schedule and an agreement, etc). Do I have the best husband or what?? I love him almost as much as I love that sweater. ; ) So, readers, expect more regular Work-out Wednesday posts from now on.

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  1. Um…INSANELY jealous of the Anthropologie cardigan! I’ve been stalking that one online for quite some time but doubt it’ll ever actually make it into my closet. So lovely!

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