FFF: Teacher-y


I finally managed to get myself into a skirt for work. For once, it wasn’t snowing or in the single digits. So, Thursday, I busted out my new pencil skirt. I felt really good all day. I felt put together and confident, and a little bit more professional. I got lots of compliments, too, which always helps. 🙂 I had originally paired the skirt with a short-sleeved purple turtleneck and the white cardigan from last week. I liked the turtleneck, but then the cardigan just kind of killed it for me. So, I did a last-minute swap. I’m quite happy with the results.

Please ignore the messy apartment. Whoops

Grey sweater: NY & Company; White cami: Target; Stripey pencil skirt: The Limited; Black tights: Target?; Grey patent pumps: Steve Madden (via DSW).

I need a haircut….

See! It really is striped!

Shoes originally purchased for Katharine’s wedding. Glad I’m getting some more use out of them.

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