SSS: Late…again


Again, sorry for the late post. We were gone for most of the day yesterday, and we just passed out after getting home after the Super Bowl. So, here’s yesterday’s something scrumptious.

This week, I was going to post my Saturday night meal: Salmon Croquettes on salad greens. It was pretty tasty, but not awesome. Needs some tweaking. But we’ll be having it again, especially with Lent coming up. And just a side note, picking salmon skin out of canned salmon is nasty. Nasty. So, this week’s scrumptious post comes to you courtesy of Paul.

Paul usually makes breakfast on Sunday mornings. Waffles or pancakes are standard fare. This week was waffles…but not just any waffles. No no. Sugar Waffles, the recipe for which Paul found in the Trib a couple of weeks ago. They were very good. Every once in a while, you’d hit a little pocket of caramelized sugar. Glorious. And Paul was so proud of himself for making the waffle batter from scratch (including having to use dry active yeast!).

Photos also courtesy of Paul.

Chef Paul, hard at work. : )

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