Work-out Wednesday: Cold


Haven’t been running since the last post, honestly. Weekend was busy, and have lacked some serious motivation so far this week. I did pilates Thursday and Friday (I think) last week, and again just now. But I just can’t get myself to go out in the freezing cold and snow (ARG! So much snow!) to go running on the treadmill in the fitness room. So, pilates will suffice for now. My arms are really starting to feel it, which is good, because they are a major self-consciousness zone for me.

My issue with pilates is that I feel like I’m not doing it the proper way. What the heck does “Draw your navel to your spine” even mean? Even worse is the “Engage your navel to your spine” instruction. Um…huh? Whatever. My abs, legs, and arms feel like I’ve been working out, so I guess that’s what counts.

Anyway, hopefully next week will see more running updates.

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