FFF meets Work-out Wendesday


Sorry, no pictures this week. I didn’t really wear anything FFF-worthy. I need to work on that. It’s just been so bitterly cold, and with the snow on Tuesday/Wednesday (and the hopes of snow days dashed to bits…), I haven’t felt much like trying in the mornings.

I do, however, want to throw something out there. I need work-out clothes. Particularly pants. I’m okay with tops…as in, I’m okay wearing old band/SHS/drama shirts to the gym. Pants, however, are a constant struggle. I want them to be fitted, but not running-tights fitted. They need to be a little bit loose, because no one needs to see what’s going on with my thighs. I want pants, because capris or shorts don’t work for winter. I can’t wear light grey because, well…I sweat. And, possibly most importantly, I NEED pockets. I don’t care for the idea of wearing an armband for my iPod, so pockets are pretty necessary, especially when running outside, so that I don’t have to hold my iPod (and occasionally keys) the whole time. I can’t stand that swishy nylon fabric, nor do I want shiny running-tight fabric. And so you see my dilemma. NO SUCH PANT EXISTS. The only running pants with pockets are always either tights or swishy nylon (gross). And with the tights, the pocket is always located just above the butt, which I know makes sense, but is not so helpful when trying to access an iPod. “Oh, don’t mind me…just grabbing my iPod…located on my ass.” I may have to suck it up and just buy the tights, as I don’t have many other options.

Anyone have recommendations for good workout pants?

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  1. Sometimes i like working out in sweatpants. My blue illini sweatpants are nice cuz they have pockets. happy work out clothes hunting!

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