Work-out Wednesday: Lent


Just to update you on the running, it’s still coming along slowly. Along with new running pants, I also desperately  need new running shoes. My legs ache when I run (and it’s not for lack of stretching or lack of practice…it’s due to the fact that my shoes are at least 2 years old), and at the end of my run Friday, I had shooting pains up my left leg. Awesome. I’m willing to spend the money on new shoes–I know it’s necessary. I just need to know where to go. I need to go somewhere where the look at my feet and my gait and tell me what shoes to buy. Any suggestions for places to go in the Chicago suburbs?

Now, I know that the rest of this post is not really work-out related, but I just feel the need to get it out there. Two years ago, I joined Weight Watchers to get my weight under control and to begin feeling good about myself for the first time maybe ever. I made committing to WW part of my Lenten promise that year, because I knew that if I was offering it up, that I would actually follow through. I knew cheating would be easy, and so I didn’t give myself a way out. I lost a total of about 30 pounds over the course of 9 months. For the most part, I have maintained that loss. But once the summer started, things started to slip. I moved home and wasn’t working out regularly (or at all, for that matter). Then I moved to the suburbs and started a new job and was planning a wedding. Then the wedding was over, but Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Super Bowl, and Valentine’s Day all hit with a vengeance. I had been monitoring my weight throughout all of the transitions and holidays, and though it was about 5 pounds above where I wanted it to be, I was comfortable with it. My clothes fit fine, and aside from feeling a little flabby, I was mostly okay. But I’ve started to feel worse and worse about myself again. And then today was a bad day. My kids were being mouthy with me, and parents were being frustrating. And I made excuses for myself, saying it was Mardi Gras, and so it was okay that I had 2 (3, 4) cookies and a couple (few) bites of cake at lunch and Panda Express for dinner and other random snacks throughout the day. And tonight I stepped on the scale and I was 10 pounds over where I want to be. So to make myself feel better, I tried on a skirt that I thought was my vanity size, only to find out that it was, in fact, a size bigger than that…and it was a little snug. Lent starts today (Happy Ash Wednesday), and again, as a part of my penance for this season, I am recommitting myself to WW (among other things), which will include working out regularly (3-5x per week). While joining WW was originally about losing weight, this time I’m hoping that it’ll be more about maintaining a better lifestyle–getting myself into the habit of working out regularly, not eating when I’m not hungry, being able to avoid junky foods at work, etc. In general, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to realize how important it is to take care of my body, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Here’s hoping.

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  1. I went to Running Unlimited in Palatine. They were really helpful with fit and analyzing how I ran in a bunch of pairs. I’d recommend ’em. I wound up with a Saucony pair that compensates for my apparent overpronating. 🙂 Adam has also mentioned that Elmhurst has a rockin’ Cross Country team and thus there are good stores in that area.

    Good luck with your Lent commitment! That’s what I’m more focused on now, too. Losing more weight would be great, but it’s more about being healthier/making sure I’ve done my part to stay alive as long as possible haha.

  2. Are the pains in your shins? I got good advice to “march”- pull-your-toes-roll-your-step-marching-band march – to help and it does!

    Good luck on the shoes- I run in Nike Vomeros. I’ve also tried on Mizuno Wave Riders too and I like them.

    I gave up gas station cappuccino for Lent. Good luck with WW

    • No, no pains in the shins, thank goodness. I remember shin splints…not fun. These pains start in my knees (nothing new for me), but then Friday it was shooting up my left thigh, too, which is definitely new.

      Thanks for the shoe advice. Nike shoes don’t generally work for me–they have too much arch support for my flat feet. We’ll see what I end up with. I’ll keep you posted.

      Good luck with the cappuccinos!

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