Thankful Thursday: A Given


I feel like this week’s post is kind of a “DUH” post, but I feel it needs to be said. I’m so grateful for my parents.

Talking with a number of colleagues this week, I’ve realized just how good I had it when growing up. Some of my students have had terribly rough lives, most of which have little to no chance of improving over the course of their lifetime. And I don’t just mean that they’ve had rough lives because of their various disabilities. Rather, I mean they’ve had rough home lives, filled with neglect and abuse, inadequate hygiene practices, limited resources, and so much else. It makes me happy that so many people encouraged me to pursue other career options when, in high school, I wanted to become a social worker. I don’t think I could’ve handled it.

I don’t think I ever thought about it, growing up, but I have incredible parents. They loved us, took care of us, made sure we always had clean clothes to wear to school, food on the table, and they made sure we received a good education. They exposed us to new places and encouraged us to make new friends and try new things.  The supported us when we were in band/orchestra concerts or school plays or Spelling Bees. They never left us wanting anything. So, thanks, Mom and Dad. Love you. : )

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