FFF: About Time


I chose this title for a few reasons…

1. It’s finally starting to warm up outside. I’m so happy! Sunshine! Warm(er) weather! Spring?? Is that you?

2. I’ve had this skirt for ages (I bought it in November), and am just now wearing it for the first time.

Okay, so that’s only two reasons. Who’s counting?

Anyway, I decided to be brave this week and wear a skirt to work. It seems bizarre to think that wearing a skirt to work in the winter is “brave.” I wore a skirt or dress almost every day for the first month or two of work this year. What happened to me? I think there’s just something about the opaque tights and boots that makes me feel self-conscious. I love the way it looks, but I think I feel funny wearing it…like it looks too trendy for me to be wearing (and now that we’re getting into self-esteem issues, I’ll be stopping…). Now, without further ado, I give you pictures:

Occasion: Work; Outfit: white cami, white tissue cardigan, black tights – Target; grey v-neck t-shirt, skirt (which can also be seen over at caffeinerd) – Old Navy; new boots (!!): Charlotte Russe.

I had tried pairing this with a couple of different cardigans before settling on the white one pictured here. I originally tried a black button-down boyfriend-style cardigan, but the proportions were awful, and it made me look really dumpy. So, I tried a black tie-front cardigan after that. It didn’t look terrible, but the white cardigan was my best bet. I wasn’t entirely happy with this outfit. I feel like the skirt is just a little too short, and a little too voluminous. And to make it worse, I had a lot of layers underneath it [tights, 2 shirts tucked in, and a slip–yes, a slip…as I discovered while walking around the apartment before work (thank goodness), the skirt is really clingy with tights and tends to creep up…so the slip was a necessity], so I just felt like I was tugging at it all day. All in all, the outfit served its purpose. Also, I love the boots…they’re super comfortable (and warm…they have a faux-furry lining…which I didn’t realize until after I thought I was being smart by wearing some extra socks…), and just the right height. However, they smell terrible. The fake leather just stinks. Bummer. You get what you pay for, I guess.

Still working on the picture taking…. No one needs to see the top of my head anyway…


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